We constantly set the standards for Pharmacogenetic & Toxicology drug testing. Our services are based on the latest data, research, and science. Technological innovation is continuous in our industry, and we are dedicated to staying up-to-date with current products and services in the field of laboratory testing. Our commitment to providing excellent services to physicians and their patients is unswerving and abiding.

What we do?

At Pinnacle Laboratory Services, we specialize in Pharmacogenetic & Toxicology drug testing. Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach to diagnostics, physicians have the freedom to choose from a list of specific drug panels or create a custom panel that is specific to their practice and treatment protocols.

Our approach

As a high complexity-testing laboratory, we are able to rely on cutting edge methodologies and state of the art LC-MS/MS technologies that are not available to other testing laboratories. We provide physicians and medical professionals with individualized services, tools, and data to improve their patients’ treatment plans.


Another Dr Trescot DNA paper Published


Dr Trescot has published another paper. If you would like to learn more about the paper click here

Medical Media USA Partnership


Medical Media USA, Inc. is pleased to announce a strategic advertising partnership with Pinnacle Laboratory Services of Ocala, FL.

Pinnacle Launches PGx


Pinnacle Laboratory Services successfully launches Pharmacogenetic Testing. Doctors use the patient’s genetic information to personalize medicine.

Dr Trescot PGx Speech


Dr. Andrea Trescot talks about the importance of PHARMACOGENETIC TESTING at the FSIPP Conference (Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians)


False positives /negatives and possible interference from masking agents are virtually eliminated, making sure you get the right results the first time – every time.


Test results are turned around quickly and are 100% accurate, thanks to our advanced LC-MS/MS technologies.


We understand that every second counts in the medical field. We provide rapid analysis with next-day access to patient data.